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Improve Blood Flow to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Blood cells flow in vein

The function of a man’s erection revolves around blood, so it stands to reason that improving blood flow can work wonders to enhance sexual performance and reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction / ED. There are several other potential causes of erectile dysfunction, including medication and even psychological considerations, but those will be discussed separately. Most importantly, early detection and treatment are important. Many men, often out of embarrassment, wait months or even years as their sexual health declines before seeking treatment from a qualified urologist or men’s health specialist. Or they opt for supplements or generic medications without a complete picture of their sexual health. Ultimately, visiting a knowledgeable specialist and urologist like Dr. Kapadia is the best next step.

In the meantime, whether you are suffering from ED or not, here are some tips to improve blood flow and give yourself the best chance at a long and satisfying sex life.

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ED as a Precursor to Cardiovascular Issues  

Problems with blood flow is a common reason for ED, meaning ED could be an indication of cardiovascular issues to come

New research into the causes and correlations between disease states is always exciting, mainly because we can use correlated issues to diagnose or prevent co-occurring disorders. One fascinating correlation is between erectile dysfunction and cardiovascular concerns. Interestingly, approximately 57% of atrial fibrillation patients, a common heart rhythm disorder, also experience ED. A potential reason for this includes poor blood flow that affects the penis. However, interestingly, new cases of ED were rare in patients with existing atrial fibrillation. This research shows that ED can be a precursor or indicator of future heart disease. Why? When the blood flow in the body is compromised, the penis is often affected earlier and more apparently than other bodily structures.

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New Study Shows the Effects of a High Protein Diet on Fertility and Erectile Function

Man eats a steak as part of a high protein diet that could impact his fertility and erectile function

Male fertility and erectile function are two essential parts of a man’s physical and psychological health. As we age, these functions begin to wane. While we can’t help but think about these issues, many modifiable lifestyle considerations can negatively affect a man’s fertility and even cause ED.

Recent UK research evaluated more than two dozen other studies that included a diet very high in lean proteins. The findings were striking in that these high-protein diets increased cortisol production and lowered testosterone, contributing to erectile dysfunction and even less fertility in men. The average man should consume about 17% of their calories as protein each day as a point of reference—the men who had the worst effects consumed over 35% of their calories as protein. As a result, the study authors suggest that men consume no more than 25 g of lean protein each day even.

Unfortunately, this study suggests that departing from a balanced nutritionally balanced diet can have significant detrimental effects, even on our sexual function.

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Improving Blood Flow for ED

Erectile dysfunction or ED is a widespread and disruptive concern for men and revolves around blood flow to the penis. After all, it is the blood that is necessary to fill the Corporal bodies of the penis to create and maintain an erection.

Improved blood flow can reduce symptoms of erectile dysfunction according to men's sexual health expert Dr. Akash Kapadia

Unfortunately, many of us follow lifestyles that aren’t conducive to efficient blood flow around the body, which can significantly increase the risk of ED. In this blog, we will discuss several ways to improve blood flow. While this may not prevent or reverse erectile dysfunction, it does give you the best chance to maintain sexual function for as long as possible.

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