Three of Our Patients’ Most Pressing Questions on Penile Implants

Men's health urologist discusses the questions his patient has about a penile implant

The thought of surgery may be concerning and scary. And this fear can be heightened when you haven’t been armed with the right information. Thousands of men have understood and realized the benefits of a highly successful implantable penile device in treating severe erectile dysfunction, allowing patients to continue an enjoyable sexual life well into their later years. Penile implants offer some of the highest satisfaction rates of any procedure our practice provides. This article will discuss some of the most common questions patients and their partners ask us.

1.     How Successful Is a Penile Implant?

The short answer is that a penile implant is very successful in qualified patients who have severe erectile dysfunction and have not received, or no longer receive, a benefit from erectile dysfunction pills or injections. The procedure is also very safe, especially in the hands of a very experienced urologic surgeon like Dr. Kapadia. In fact, Dr. Kapadia is one of the leading providers of penile implants in Atlanta and the southeast United States, considering this procedure one of the core specialties of his practice. Whether due to aging, penile conditions such as Peyronie’s disease, or post-prostatectomy impotence, penile implants are truly a life-changing procedure. Within just a few weeks after surgery, patients can return to normal sexual function and all of the psychological and emotional benefits that go along with it.

2.     Will I Be Able to Enjoy Sex?

The answer to this is a resounding – yes. Maintaining the ability to enjoy sex is one of the key benefits of these advanced penile implants. During the procedure, the nerves that control the pleasure senses in the penis are not affected whatsoever. Instead, we only replace the mechanism for achieving an erection with the prosthesis. Further, patients do not need to worry about timing their medication or whether the erectile process is obvious. The penile implant allows for discreet erection on demand.

3.     Will the Recovery Process Be Difficult?

To be sure, there is some sacrifice for such a transformative procedure, which comes in the form of some pain and soreness for a couple of weeks after surgery. However, the recovery is by no means brutal. First, the procedure is performed as minimally invasively as possible, meaning that pain, blood loss, and recovery time, in general, are minimized. Second, you will not be kept in discomfort and will be prescribed appropriate pain medication to stay comfortable after surgery. It is important to mention that your recovery can be sped up by following post-op instructions closely. You will be required to perform simple activities after surgery to ensure that healing and implant function continues appropriately.

We encourage any patients considering a penile implant to schedule a consultation with Dr. Kapadia to learn more about the pros and cons of surgery and if they are a candidate for the procedure. Dr. Kapadia offers similar procedures from two different medical device manufacturers, and during a consultation, we will discuss which is best for you. In the meantime, you can watch the webinar on each of these devices by clicking on the links below.