Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Atlanta, GA


If you are experiencing problems achieving or sustaining an erection, fellowship-trained urologist Dr. Akash Kapadia can help. He has treated hundreds of men with ED at his Roswell and Sandy Springs, Georgia offices. Dr. Kapadia combines his extensive experience and compassionate approach to care to provide you with state-of-the-art and proven treatments for erectile dysfunction.

As one of the few urologists with fellowship experience in the Atlanta area, he has the right training and expertise needed to effectively treat ED. We understand how stressful and difficult erectile dysfunction can be. Our supportive staff and high-quality and individualized ED treatments are here to help men regain a healthy and enjoyable sex life.


As most men know from a flurry of advertising, several medical therapies use drugs known as PDE-5 inhibitors. These are drugs such as sildenafil (Viagra) vardenafil or (Levitra) Tadalafil (Cialis) and Avanafil or (Stendra). These are prescription medications that your primary care physician or Dr. Kapadia can offer after a thorough physical exam to determine suitability.

There are supplements marketed to improve ED, get a harder erection, and more. However, these are not proven and their effectiveness and safety are not regulated by the FDA. As such, patients should avoid these supplements unless their doctor gives them the OK. It is also important to note that several counterfeits and poorly manufactured options may be available outside of the United States. It is important to be sure you fully understand the provenance and legality of any prescription drugs you buy.

Unfortunately, medications may lose their effectiveness with time, and they also come with side effects. Be sure to report any negative effects to your doctor and follow dosing labels appropriately.

Penile Pumps / Vacuum Devices

There can be a point where ED is no longer sufficiently relieved by oral medication, even at its highest dose. Some patients may therefore turn to vacuum erection devices. A vacuum pump pulls blood into the penis, creating an erection. The blood must then remain in the penis – achieved by applying a constrictive band around the base of the penis. You can leave the band on for up to 30 minutes. These devices are sold over the counter through several retailers. However, the downsides, including a colder erection and the inability to be spontaneous, make the vacuum option less appealing.


  • On-demand use
  • Non-invasive
  • Drug Free


  • Erection is not warm to the touch
  • Learning curve
  • Delayed ejaculation


What Is The Most Definitive Treatment for ED?

While no medical therapies can definitively reverse ED, they can improve the quality of erections. A simple analogy of ED is an old car battery. Medications can provide a ‘jumpstart’ or ‘recharge’ to the battery, but they won’t fix the problem. The old car battery will eventually need replacement.

Fortunately, your natural hydraulic system can be replaced with a reliable and permanent bionic hydraulic system in the form of a penile implant.

A penile implant or prosthesis is an excellent solution for patients that are not satisfied with medical treatment. However, many patients choose to skip medical treatments due to the exceptional safety and efficacy of a penile implant. There are two forms of penile implant – one that is a malleable rod-like device and the other that uses inflatable technology to achieve the erection. The latter is by far the more effective and satisfying option for most men. During a penile prosthesis two cylinders are implanted into the penis, a water balloon behind the pubic bone, and a pump in the scrotum. On demand, the patient can fill these cylinders with water and achieve an erection that is almost imperceptible versus a natural one. These surgeries are relatively straightforward, most patients are extremely satisfied, and the risks are relatively low.

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