Prostate Cancer Rehabilitation & Restoration

The post-prostate cancer and prostatectomy rehabilitation and restoration plans are meant to prepare you to return to normal after your surgery. These programs address some of the most common concerns after prostate cancer surgery, including compromised urinary and sexual function.

Rehabilitation Phase (After Cancer Treatment)

Erectile Function
Advances in prostate cancer surgery have allowed for advanced ‘nerve-sparing’ techniques that have reduced the incidence of permanent Erectile Dysfunction. However, it takes several weeks and up to a year and a half to recover full nerve function. Some treatments, in what we call the “preparation phase,” preserve erectile tissue during surgery. However, this does not always translate to immediate erectile function for sex.

To restore a firmer and more suitable erection for sex, while the nerves heal, we can employ medical management, injections, and even devices to help:

·      Tadafil (Cialis) 5 mg daily +/- Sildenafil (Viagra) ON DEMAND
·      Intra-cavernosal Injection (ICI) Therapy
·      VED with a constriction band

Bladder and Urinary Function
Kegel exercises are the gold standard in the restoration of urine control by working and strengthening the urinary sphincter. Targeting the pelvic floor with this squeezing exercise can effectively strengthen the muscles and restore continence. Learn more about Kegels.

Restoration Phase (Well After Cancer Treatment)

Most men will see excellent results (full sexual function and continence) by following the program outlined here on our website. However, some men will require further treatment to achieve their ultimate goals. The restoration phase takes place well after treatment and relies on surgical intervention to return to function. Learn more about the restoration phase.