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Male Infertility Myths With Dr. Kapadia


Akash Kapadia, MD

I’m here today to answer many of the questions that couples have and also dispel many myths that a lot of couples have about male infertility.

Before we get started, let’s recognize infertility is a common experience in our society. As many as one in eight couples experience infertility worldwide. So this isn’t just a problem in the US — that’s as many as 48 million couples globally.

So, let’s normalize conversations about infertility and dig into some common myths…


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Shedding Light On Male Infertility

The last thing most men desire is to be forced to open up about their infertility. However, shedding light on male infertility provides some control of their situation. Men can discover exactly what steps they can take to treat the problem and have the family they have always wanted. Here are a number of issues that can negatively or positively affect male fertility.

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