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Can More Than One Enlarged Prostate Procedure Be Performed?

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In middle age, most men begin to battle lower urinary tract symptoms or LUTS, most of which are precipitated by a very usual and benign issue known as benign prostatic hyperplasia or BPH. This is what we call the proliferation of cells within the prostate that cause it to enlarge and, ultimately, restrict the outflow of urine. This happens because as the prostate grows, it clamps down on the urethra and narrows its diameter. It is estimated that about 50% of men over the age of 50 and 80% of men over the age of 80 experience BPH. Hence, the likelihood of frequent or incomplete urination, dribbling, or waking up to pee at night is a genuine possibility starting when we hit our 40s.

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Dr. Kapadia to Join Georgia Urology

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After several successful years at Wellstar Urology, where he has become one of the leading penile implant surgeons in Atlanta, amongst other distinctions, Dr. Kapadia is excited and proud to be joining Georgia Urology in November 2022. Georgia Urology is celebrating 50 years of helping patients in Atlanta with their varied urologic needs and is the largest urology practice in Georgia and one of the largest urology practices in the country.

Dr. Kapadia will continue to be a leader in male infertility and erectile dysfunction at Georgia Urology and will serve patients throughout Atlanta. Of course, our attention to patient needs and quality is paramount, and this change will enhance our ability to provide the care you’ve come to expect from our team.

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Dr. Kapadia Named Coloplast Center of Excellence in Penile Implantation

Dr. Kapadia standing in operating room ready to help patients after being named a Coloplast Center of Excellence in Penile Implantation in Atlanta

All of us at Dr. Kapadia’s practice are excited to have been named a Coloplast Center of Excellence for penile implantation. This is a designation awarded to very few centers across the United States. Dr. Kapadia is one of the foremost implantation specialists in the southeast United States, now recognized with this new designation. Coloplast chooses its Centers of Excellence very carefully. Not only do COE men’s health specialists have to perform a significant number of penile implants, but they must also be leaders in the field, promoting the advancement of patient care, safety, and effectiveness in penile implantation. Further, Coloplast only offers its COE designation to physicians who are leaders in their respective urologic professional associations.

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Male Infertility Myths With Dr. Kapadia


Akash Kapadia, MD

I’m here today to answer many of the questions that couples have and also dispel many myths that a lot of couples have about male infertility.

Before we get started, let’s recognize infertility is a common experience in our society. As many as one in eight couples experience infertility worldwide. So this isn’t just a problem in the US — that’s as many as 48 million couples globally.

So, let’s normalize conversations about infertility and dig into some common myths…


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Shedding Light On Male Infertility

The last thing most men desire is to be forced to open up about their infertility. However, shedding light on male infertility provides some control of their situation. Men can discover exactly what steps they can take to treat the problem and have the family they have always wanted. Here are a number of issues that can negatively or positively affect male fertility.

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