Dr. Kapadia Named Coloplast Center of Excellence in Penile Implantation

Dr. Kapadia standing in operating room ready to help patients after being named a Coloplast Center of Excellence in Penile Implantation in Atlanta

All of us at Dr. Kapadia’s practice are excited to have been named a Coloplast Center of Excellence for penile implantation. This is a designation awarded to very few centers across the United States. Dr. Kapadia is one of the foremost implantation specialists in the southeast United States, now recognized with this new designation. Coloplast chooses its Centers of Excellence very carefully. Not only do COE men’s health specialists have to perform a significant number of penile implants, but they must also be leaders in the field, promoting the advancement of patient care, safety, and effectiveness in penile implantation. Further, Coloplast only offers its COE designation to physicians who are leaders in their respective urologic professional associations.

Indeed, Dr. Kapadia is dedicated to restoring intimacy in the lives of many men and couples via penile implants. It is important to remember that several severe conditions can lead to ED and contribute to physical and psychological ailments that can truly change a man’s life. A penile implant, typically employed toward the end of a progression of treatment modalities, can restore a man’s sex life, confidence, and continued enjoyment with their partner.

Penile implants have continued to improve in efficacy and safety while remaining discreet and easy to use. Further, improvements in manufacturing mean that most men will enjoy their implants for years to come and potentially their entire lives.

Our Future Goals

While the benefits are dramatic, thousands upon thousands of patients still do not receive appropriate or timely care because they either do not know about the many effective treatments of ED or feel embarrassed to bring it up with their men’s health urologist or primary care physician. As a Center of Excellence, we hope to continue contributing to this education process, helping men understand that they don’t have to wait years or even decades to restore their sex lives. We look forward to improving men’s physical and mental health with the help of innovative treatments.

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