Boston Scientific Penile Implant

It may be time to consider an implant for severe Erectile Dysfunction or ED. There are several implantable devices available to men, which we will discuss below. On this page, we discuss the AMS 700 3-part Inflatable Penile Prosthesis (IPP), one of the two most popular inflatable penile prostheses on the market today (the other being the Coloplast Titan) and the AMS Tactra, a malleable implant. Dr. Kapadia offers each of these options in his practice.

While many men begin their ED treatment journey with medications and even injections, their effectiveness wanes over time and medications, especially, have sometimes-unacceptable side effects. On the other hand, an Inflatable Penile Prosthesis is a single procedure that acts as a “one-and-done” curative treatment for ED.

Owing to the indistinguishable look and feel of the erection and the excellent durability of these devices, most patients are very satisfied with their decision to have the device implanted.

There are several overarching benefits of a penile prosthesis including:

  • The device allows for a natural looking and feeling erection. This is achieved using customized tubes that slide into the natural space within the penis. These tubes are inflated and deflated by way of an advanced mechanical pump. Or the penis is moved manually, if using the malleable option. The devices cannot be seen and do not change the look or feel of the penis.
  • Second, it is important for men to be able to initiate sex quickly and initiate the device discreetly. As such, these penile implants all allow for spontaneity. The inflatable prostheses include a pump placed in the scrotum that allow men to use the IPPs seamlessly and without embarrassment.
  • These implants do not change the feel of intercourse as they do not affect the nerves. Further, orgasm and ejaculation are unaffected.

During consultation, Dr. Kapadia will discuss the details of all implant options. Most are similar in their function and method of implantation. Prior to your consultation, we encourage you to watch Dr. Kapadia’s seminar on the Boston Scientific penile implant below:

How the AMS 700 Works

After implantation of the device, men will simply use the pump implanted into the scrotum to add water volume to the tubes within the penis, thus causing an erection. It takes approximately 10 pumps to get a full erection. Importantly, at no point is the feeling of sex any different, as the implant does not affect the associated nerves. When no longer needed, the water is drained from the tubes using a small button located on the pump mechanism. You can see the function of the AMS 700 in the animation below:

The AMS Ambicor 2 Piece Implant

For patients with dexterity concerns or those who have had abdominal surgery that precludes the implantation of the reservoir in the lower abdomen, Dr. Kapadia offers a 2-part implant consisting of 1) cylinders placed in the penis and 2) a pump in the scrotum. The pump is used to inflate the device.  It can be deflated by simply bending the cylinders downward.

The Tactra Malleable Penile Implant

This device consists of a fixed tube implant much in the way IPPs are placed. However, the device is semi-rigid and requires no pump action. Patients simply position their penis manually, as they desire, during intercourse.

What Patients Say

  • 98% of patients reported their erections to be excellent or satisfactory following surgery1
  • 97% of patients reported overall satisfaction with a Boston Scientific implant; not a single patient reported dissatisfaction2
  • 96% of partners reported sexual activity with the implant to be excellent or satisfactory1

Next steps

When you begin your ED treatment journey, we will discuss a range of possible options including lifestyle change, medications, injections, and surgery. Now may be the best time to speak to a qualified men’s health urologist, such as Dr. Kapadia, to help you decide if a penile implant is a good option. We encourage you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Kapadia to learn more and understand both the benefits and risks of the procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will it be obvious that I have a penile implant?

All three options detailed above were specifically made to be concealed in the body, allowing our patients to use them without worrying about somebody noticing. We know how important discretion is to our patients and as such it is purely up to them if they wish to tell their partners that they have a penile implant.

How long after surgery do I have to wait before having sex?

Typically, we send men home the day of surgery, however there is a short recovery time. Most patients will be back to normal work and recreational activities within a week. However, intercourse can begin after approximately 6 weeks.

Why not just use medication?

Medication can be an option for many patients with mild to moderate erectile dysfunction. However, medication tends to lose effectiveness over time requiring an ever-greater dosage. Eventually, when men are not able to achieve an erection and have maxed out their dosage, they must move on to the next option. Further, medication does not allow for spontaneity – it takes some time to achieve an erection after taking the pill. Finally, medications do come with side effects some of which may be unacceptable for many men. As such, a penile implant is often high on the list of early solutions for many patients.

Will the penile implant last long?

Implants are mechanical devices. As such is in difficult to know exactly how long the implant will last. Dr. Kapadia will discuss how to improve durability of the implant. A recent study showed 94% of men achieved 7+ years of usage. In our practice, we have men whose implants have lasted far longer. We also have the rare case in which the implant fails prematurely and needs to be replaced.

Does insurance cover a penile implant?

We will work with you to understand insurance options for a penile implant. It is important that you speak to your insurance company and call the helpful insurance verification team at our office to learn more about your policy. We also have payment options for those without insurance coverage.

1Montorsi F, Rigatti P, Carmignani G, et al. AMS three-piece inflatable implants for erectile dysfunction: a long-term multi-institutional study in 200 consecutive patients. Eur Urol. 2000 Jan;37(1):50-5.

2Natali A, Olianas R, Fisch M. Penile implantation in Europe: successes and complications with 253 implants in Italy and Germany. J Sex Med. 2008 Jun;5(6):1503-12.