ED as a Precursor to Cardiovascular Issues  

Problems with blood flow is a common reason for ED, meaning ED could be an indication of cardiovascular issues to come

New research into the causes and correlations between disease states is always exciting, mainly because we can use correlated issues to diagnose or prevent co-occurring disorders. One fascinating correlation is between erectile dysfunction and cardiovascular concerns. Interestingly, approximately 57% of atrial fibrillation patients, a common heart rhythm disorder, also experience ED. A potential reason for this includes poor blood flow that affects the penis. However, interestingly, new cases of ED were rare in patients with existing atrial fibrillation. This research shows that ED can be a precursor or indicator of future heart disease. Why? When the blood flow in the body is compromised, the penis is often affected earlier and more apparently than other bodily structures.

What Does This Mean for Treatment?

Of course, there are many potential causes of ED, many unrelated or only peripherally related to heart disease. However, while treating ED with pills at a non-specialist medical practice may be easy, this correlation shows the need for a deeper dive into the potential causes of ED. Further, by speaking to a men’s health urologist like Dr. Kapadia, who focuses on holistic health – that of the entire body – the question of associated heart disease may be raised, and the early diagnosis of cardiovascular disease may be a result. Dr. Kapadia can also work with your cardiovascular specialist to ensure that a multi-pronged treatment protocol is in place to address what could potentially be varied ED causes.

Getting Help Early

Whether for the diagnosis of heart disease or not, it is important to treat ED at its earliest signs to allow for the broadest range of effective treatment interventions. As with any urological condition, we begin with the most conservative and practical options and only continue with more invasive solutions if necessary. Patients can experience years of relief from their ED and enjoy a fuller sex life when caught early.

Armed with this knowledge, we encourage you to visit Dr. Kapadia and discuss your erectile function concerns at their earliest signs.

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